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The information on this page is for cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

Package Summary H B S
(2008-10-09 22:56, noarch)
Code Generation Library cglib homepage Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.noarch.rpm Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm
(2008-10-09 22:56, noarch)
Samples for cglib cglib-demo homepage Download cglib-demo-2.1.3-4.jpp5.noarch.rpm Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm
(2008-10-09 22:56, noarch)
Javadoc for cglib cglib-javadoc homepage Download cglib-javadoc-2.1.3-4.jpp5.noarch.rpm Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm
(2008-10-09 22:56, noarch)
Cglib without aspectwerkz hook cglib-nohook homepage Download cglib-nohook-2.1.3-4.jpp5.noarch.rpm Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm
(2008-10-09 22:56, noarch)
Artifacts to be uploaded to a repository library cglib-repolib homepage Download cglib-repolib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.noarch.rpm Download cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm

RPM Information for cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm

Name: cglibDistribution: JPackage
Version: 2.1.3Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 4.jpp5Build date: Thu Oct 9 22:56:09 2008
Epoch: 0Build host:
Group: Development/Libraries/JavaRPM file: cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm
Size: 1629399Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: Apache Software License 2
Packager: David Walluck <david at>
Summary: Code Generation Library
cglib is a powerful, high performance and quality
Code Generation Library, It is used to extend JAVA
classes and implements interfaces at runtime.

NOTE: To use the Aspectwerks hook (net.sf.cglib.transform.hook.*), make sure
aspectwerks.jar is in the Classpath (from the 'aspectwerks' RPM)
NOTE: If you use the cglib.jar you may need to add asm.jar to your ClassPath
(from the 'asm' RPM). The cglib-nodep.jar includes the ASM classes already.

Change Log for cglib-2.1.3-4.jpp5.src.rpm

* Fri Oct 10 2008 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:2.1.3-4
- fix repolib

* Sun Jun 22 2008 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-3
- Rebuild for JPP 5.0

* Wed Apr 16 2008 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:2.1.3-2jpp.ep1.3
- fix cglib-debug output directory in

* Tue Mar 13 2007 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.ep1.2
- Fix repolib location

* Tue Mar 13 2007 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.ep1.1
- Rebuild

* Thu Mar 08 2007 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.el4ep1.4
- Make aspectwerks optional (run-time)

* Mon Feb 19 2007 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.el4ep1.3
- Add -brew suffix

* Fri Feb 16 2007 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.el4ep1.2
- Change name of repository directory in component-info.xml and in the spec

* Fri Feb 16 2007 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp.el4ep1.1
- Add repolib support

* Tue Feb 28 2006 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp_3rh
- Rebuild

* Tue Feb 28 2006 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp_2rh
- Rebuild in full

* Tue Feb 21 2006 Fernando Nasser <fnasser at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp_1rh
- First Red Hat build -- without hook for bootstraping jmock

* Fri Feb 17 2006 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:2.1.3-2jpp
- Create option --without hook to build without requiring aspectwerkz
- Create new subpackage cglib-nohook containing cglib-nohook.jar
- Main package also provides cglib-nohook
- Add demo subpackage

* Fri Nov 11 2005 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:2.1.3-1jpp
- Upgrade to 2.1_3
- asm2 is BuildRequired too, because our newer jarjar needs it

* Tue Mar 15 2005 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:2.1.0-1jpp
- Adapt to upgraded asm 1.5.3 (no src patching required)

* Tue Feb 01 2005 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:2.0.2-2jpp
- Adapt to upgraded asm 1.4.3 (patch required)

* Thu Sep 09 2004 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:2.0.2-1jpp
- Upgrade to 2.0.2 (bug fix required)
- Drop cglib-full.ja
(the display of the changelog may be truncated if it is too long)

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