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The information on this page is for svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

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(2011-12-06 16:55, noarch)
Pure Java Subversion client library svnkit homepage Download svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm
(2011-12-06 16:55, noarch)
Javadoc for svnkit svnkit-javadoc homepage Download svnkit-javadoc-1.3.5-4.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm
(2011-12-06 16:55, noarch)
Artifacts to be uploaded to a repository library svnkit-repolib homepage Download svnkit-repolib-1.3.5-4.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm

RPM Information for svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm

Name: svnkitDistribution: JPackage
Version: 1.3.5Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 4.jpp6Build date: Tue Dec 6 16:55:02 2011
Epoch: 0Build host:
Group: Development/JavaRPM file: svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm
Size: 7334478Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: BSD
Packager: David Walluck <david at>
Summary: Pure Java Subversion client library
Use SVNKit for
- Subversion clients and IDE integrations
SVNKit supports all standard Subversion operations, both
on working copies and repository. It is compatible with all
versions of Subversion, works over HTTP, SSH, SVN and
FILE protocols.
- Arbitrary object model versioning
SVNKit provides API to version virtually any object model
with standard Subversion repository; there is no need to
keep anything in the filesystem.
- Server side applications
SVNKit works with local repositories as well as with remote
ones - your web application will benefit from direct access
to repository and will grind data stored in repository in
the way you need it.

Change Log for svnkit-1.3.5-4.jpp6.src.rpm

* Tue Dec 06 2011 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.5-4
- add sqljet >= 1.0.4 requirement
- use upstream groupId for trilead-ssh2 (JPP ver contains svnkit patch)

* Mon Dec 05 2011 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.5-3
- add repolib
- add pom patch (for redhat)

* Thu Nov 10 2011 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.5-2
- clean up some unused files

* Fri Oct 21 2011 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.5-1
- 1.3.5

* Sat Jan 09 2010 Will Tatam <will.tatam at> 1.3.0-3
- Auto rebuild for JPackage 6 in centos5 mock

* Thu Jul 16 2009 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.0-2
- Requires: trilead-ssh2

* Wed Jul 15 2009 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.3.0-1
- 1.3.0
- use external svn-javahl
- add poms

* Thu Jun 18 2009 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:1.1.4-1.jpp5
- first release

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