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The information on this page is for xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

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(2012-11-01 03:22, noarch)
Xindice native XML database xml-xindice homepage Download xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm
(2012-11-01 03:22, noarch)
Javadoc for xml-xindice xml-xindice-javadoc homepage Download xml-xindice-javadoc-1.1-2.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm

RPM Information for xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm

Name: xml-xindiceDistribution: JPackage
Version: 1.1Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 2.jpp6Build date: Thu Nov 1 03:20:26 2012
Epoch: 0Build host:
Group: Text Processing/Markup/XMLRPM file: xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm
Size: 6767687Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: Apache Software License 2.0
Packager: Will Tatam <will.tatam at>
Summary: Xindice native XML database
Apache Xindice is a database designed from the ground up to
store XML data or what is more commonly referred to as a
native XML database.
The benefit of a native solution is that you don't have to
worry about mapping your XML to some other data structure.
You just insert the data as XML and retrieve it as XML. You
also gain a lot of flexibility through the semi-structured
nature of XML and the schema independent model used by Xindice.
This is especially valuable when you have very complex XML
structures that would be difficult or impossible to map to a
more structured database.
At the present time Xindice uses XPath for its query language
and XML:DB XUpdate for its update language. We provide an
implementation of the XML:DB API for Java development and it
is possible to access Xindice from other languages using built
in XML-RPC API. As standards in the XML database area mature
Xindice will include support for those that are most important.

Change Log for xml-xindice-1.1-2.jpp6.src.rpm

* Thu Nov 01 2012 Will Tatam <will.tatam at> 1.1-2
- Auto rebuild for JPackage 6 in centos5 mock

* Sat Sep 15 2012 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:1.1-1
- Go with 1.1 final, probably last JPP release

* Thu Oct 20 2005 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> - 0:1.1-0.b4.1jpp
- First JPackage build

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