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The information on this page is for jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

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(2009-05-21 17:23, noarch)
Java library for format string checks jformatstring homepage Download jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm
(2009-05-21 17:23, noarch)
Javadoc for jformatstring jformatstring-javadoc homepage Download jformatstring-javadoc-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm

RPM Information for jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm

Name: jformatstringDistribution: JPackage
Version: 0Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 0.3.20081016svn.jpp6Build date: Thu May 21 17:22:53 2009
Epoch: 0Build host:
Group: Development/Libraries/JavaRPM file: jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm
Size: 20938Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: GPLv2
Packager: David Walluck <david at>
Summary: Java library for format string checks
This project is derived from Sun's implementation of java.util.Formatter. It
is designed to allow compile time checks as to whether or not a use of format
string will be erronous when executed at runtime.

This code is derived from the OpenJDK implementation, jdk1.7.0-b35. As such,
it is licensed under the same license as OpenJDK, GPL v2 + the Classpath

This project is preliminary, and the API is subject to change. The library
produced by compiling this project is used by the FindBugs project. To avoid
any licensing questions due to incompatible licenses (FindBugs is licensed
under the LGPL), it is broken out as a separate project. While there may be
some confusion/discussion about the licenses, the FindBugs project does not
interpret the FindBugs LGPL license to be any stronger than GPL v2 + the
Classpath exception.

Change Log for jformatstring-0-0.3.20081016svn.jpp6.src.rpm

* Fri May 22 2009 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:0-0.3.20081016svn
- release

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