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The information on this page is for htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

Package Summary H B S
(2010-05-23 20:45, noarch)
Static Url manipulation utilities htmlurls homepage Download htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm
(2010-05-23 20:45, noarch)
Javadocs for htmlurls htmlurls-javadoc homepage Download htmlurls-javadoc-1.0.004-1.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm

RPM Information for htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm

Name: htmlurlsDistribution: JPackage
Version: 1.0.004Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 1.jpp6Build date: Sun May 23 20:45:49 2010
Epoch: (none)Build host: flat
Group: Development/LibrariesRPM file: htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm
Size: 81250Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: LGPL
Packager: Ralph Apel <r.apel at>
Summary: Static Url manipulation utilities
HTMLURLs is an Open Source Java class that contains a
collection of static utility methods to manipulate and
convert URL (Uniform Resource Locator) addresses from
java.lang.String to objects and vice versa.
The HTMLURLs class is very useful in Web-based application
development because speeds up the URLs manipulation, that
is a common task.
The HTMLURLs main features are:
* allows set up a object starting from various
String representation;
* checks if an URL is absolute or relative to the current
local path;
* get full canonical URL address by resolving various
combined relative paths
(e.g.: ""
became ""); this
last case resolve a very common problem in

Change Log for htmlurls-1.0.004-1.jpp6.src.rpm

* Sun May 23 2010 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 1.0.004-1
- First release

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