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The information on this page is for velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm, a source rpm; you are probably more interested in these binaries built from it:

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(2010-09-14 02:54, noarch)
Java-based template engine velocity15 homepage Download velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm
(2010-09-14 02:54, noarch)
Demo for velocity15 velocity15-demo homepage Download velocity15-demo-1.5-5.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm
(2010-09-14 02:54, noarch)
Javadoc for velocity15 velocity15-javadoc homepage Download velocity15-javadoc-1.5-5.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm
(2010-09-14 02:54, noarch)
Manual for velocity15 velocity15-manual homepage Download velocity15-manual-1.5-5.jpp6.noarch.rpm Download velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm

RPM Information for velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm

Name: velocity15Distribution: JPackage
Version: 1.5Vendor: JPackage Project
Release: 5.jpp6Build date: Tue Sep 14 02:53:20 2010
Epoch: 0Build host:
Group: Development/Libraries/JavaRPM file: velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm
Size: 4569523Source RPM: (none)
Section: freeLicense: Apache Software License
Packager: David Walluck <david at>
Summary: Java-based template engine
Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits anyone to use the
simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in
Java code.

When Velocity is used for web development, Web designers can work in
parallel with Java programmers to develop web sites according to the
Model-View-Controller (MVC) model, meaning that web page designers can
focus solely on creating a site that looks good, and programmers can
focus solely on writing top-notch code. Velocity separates Java code
from the web pages, making the web site more maintainable over the long
run and providing a viable alternative to Java Server Pages (JSPs) or

Velocity's capabilities reach well beyond the realm of web sites; for
example, it can generate SQL and PostScript and XML (see Anakia for more
information on XML transformations) from templates. It can be used
either as a standalone utility for generating source code and reports,
or as an integrated component of other systems. Velocity also provides
template services for th

Change Log for velocity15-1.5-5.jpp6.src.rpm

* Fri Apr 16 2010 David Walluck <dwalluck at> 0:1.5-5
- refloat as velocity15

* Mon Dec 08 2008 Will Tatam <will.tatam at> 1.5-4
- Auto rebuild for JPackage 5 in mock

* Fri Feb 08 2008 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.5-3jpp
- BR java-devel = 1.5.0, Require java >= 1.5.0
- Revert to standard pom
- Put Anakia/Texen dependencies in CLASSPATH

* Fri Nov 16 2007 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.5-2jpp
- Modify pom

* Mon Aug 27 2007 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.5-1jpp
- Upgrade to 1.5
- Make Vendor, Distribution based on macro

* Tue Aug 08 2006 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:1.4-6jpp
- Add Requires(x) for javadoc subpackage.

* Sat Jul 22 2006 Vivek Lakshmanan <vivekl at> - 0:1.4-5jpp
- Add conditional native compilation with GCJ.
- Apply patch (Gary Benson - Mon Jun 6 2005 - 0:1.4-3jpp_0fc) for
removing explicit dependency on servletapi3.
- Replace dependency on servletapi3 with servletapi5.
- Add NOTICE file as per Apache License version 2.0
(Gary Benson - Mon Jun 6 2005 - 0:1.4-3jpp_0fc).

* Thu Mar 30 2006 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.4-4jpp
- Replace avalon-logkit with current excalibur-avalon-logkit

* Thu Sep 23 2004 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.4-3jpp
- Adapt to jdom-1.0-1 replacing org.jdom.input.DefaultJDOMFactory
by org.jdom.DefaultJDOMFactory in
as well as using org.jdom.output.Format in
- Therefore require jdom >= 0:1.0-1

* Thu Sep 02 2004 Ralph Apel <r.apel at> 0:1.4-2jpp
- Build with ant-1.6.2

* Mon Jun 07 2004 Kaj J. Niemi <kajtzu at> 0:1.4-1jpp
- 1.4 final
- Patch #0 is unnecessary (upstream)
- We have to build velocity against servletapi3

-* Wed Feb 18 2004 Kaj J. Niemi <kajtzu at> 0:1.4-0.rc1.2jpp
- Fix a few jpackage related .spec typos, oops.

* Wed Feb 18 2004 Kaj J. Niemi <kajtzu at> 0:1.4-0.rc1.1jpp
- Added Patch #0 (velocity-1.4-rc1-ServletTest.patch) from CVS which fixes
build problems.

* Sun May 25 2003 Ville Skyttä <ville.skytta at> - 0:1.3.1-2jpp
- Add Epochs to dependencies.
- Add explicit defattrs.
- Add non-versioned javadoc symlinks.
- Use sed instead of bash 2 extension when symlinking jars during build.
- Use full URL in Source.
- Fix -javadoc Group tag.
- Drop patch in favour of ant options.
- BuildRequire jpackage-utils and antlr (latter needed for Anakia tests).

* Sat May 24 2003 Richard Bullington-McGuire <rbulling at> 1.3.1-1jpp
- 1.3.1 stable release

* Fri May 23 2003 Richard Bullington-McGuire <rbulling at> 1.3-1jpp
- 1.3 stable release
- Updated for JPackage 1.5
- Run JUnit regression tests as part of the build process
- Added patch file to fix test case classpath for JUnit standard locations

* Mon May 06 2002 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch at> 1.3-0.rc1.1jpp
- 1.3.0rc1
- dropped patch
- versioned dir for javadoc
- no dependencies for manual and javadoc packages
- stricter dependency for demo package

* Wed Dec 12 2001 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch at> 1.2-1jpp
- 1.2
- regenerated patch and corrected manifest
- requires and buildrequires jdom >= 1.0-0.b7.1

* Wed Dec 05 2001 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch at> 1.1-4jpp
- javadoc into javadoc package

* Wed Nov 21 2001 Christian Zoffoli <czoffoli at> 1.1-3jpp
- removed packager tag
- new jpp extension

* Thu Nov 01 2001 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch at> 1.1-2jpp
- first unified release
- s/jPackage/JPackage

* Fri Sep 14 2001 Guillaume Rousse <guillomovitch at> 1.1-1jpp
- first Mandrake release

(the display of the changelog may be truncated if it is too long)

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