Welcome to JPackage

The JPackage Project had two primary goals:

The focus was on free and open source software whenever possible. For convenience, we also provide non-free packages without the restricted source code.

The RPMs were generic in that they should work on any RPM based Linux distribution (Mandriva, Red Hat, SuSE, others).

This project is no longer actively maintained as distros such as Fedora now include the OpenJDK runtime and some java applications such as Maven, so there is no need for a 3rd party repo any more. Some of jpackage was actually forked to create some of the Fedora packages

The last releases were in 2012

A more complete archive may be found in the Web Archive


  • Ralph Apel
  • Gary Benson
  • Pete Chown
  • Leonid Dubinsky
  • Thomas Fitzsimmons
  • Henri Gomez
  • Sonja Krause-Harder
  • Goulven Le Jeune
  • Nicolas Mailhot
  • Paul Nasrat
  • Fernando Nasser
  • Kaj J. Niemi
  • Robert Ottenhag
  • Jens Skripczynski
  • Sebastiano Vigna
  • David Walluck
  • Christian Zoffoli
  • Jason Corley
  • Guillaume Rousse
  • Ville Skytt√§


JPP Distribution

In addition to the project staff, the following people have made significant contributions to the project (in no particular order):

  • Joe Sauer graciously hosted the first JPackage build server and has contributed numerous patches and bugfixes
  • Marko Myllynen contributed the initial JBoss RPM, later maintained by Ralph Apel.
  • Goulven Le Jeune contributed the initial JOnAS RPM, later maintained by Fernando Nasser.
  • Kaj J. Niemi contributed the initial Tomcat RPM, later maintained by the staff.
  • Ville Skytt√§ contributed and maintained several of the JDK RPMs.
  • Ralph Apel contributed the initial Maven RPM, which was upgraded and improved upon by Deepak Bhole, who also contributed a Maven2 RPM.
  • Deepak Bhole also contributed the new scripts for cleaning binary files from tar balls
  • Will Tatam hosted the JPackage mock build server and has contributed towards the management scripts. He also supplied the default mirror server
  • Many other people have contributed with new packages, upgrades, bug fixes etc. Thank you!